Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Every once in a while you come across something so awesome you wish you had thought of doing it first. Even more rarely, it's done so well that you can't think of a single thing you'd change and therefore cannot begrudge the original doer... We've all been there, right? Now let me take you along on my latest trip to envious-but-not-hating-town.

From HIMYM to Will & Grace, this guy's detailing is meticulous!

Inaki Aliste Lizarralde, an interior designer and artist, is the brains behind these awesome popular TV show apartment floor plans. Whats not to love when architecture marries TV shows? I first came across the TBBT, SATC and Friends ones last year and proceeded to forward them to nearly all my whatsapp contacts only to get "kewl" "interesting" for replies! I don't understand why this did not blow their minds as much as it did mine! Anyhoo, I'm sure you guys are a more discerning bunch and are going to take to the heavens to dissect and debate the pros and cons and accuracy of all these, right? Let's get to it then!

I love the walk-in closet and ensuite bath!

This is needless to say my fantasy apartment. I fully intend to have this size of closet or even bigger because thus far every place I've lived in involves me hanging more clothes folded up in suitcases than hanging up in my closet.

Watching Two & a Half Men, I never quite got it why they called Charlie's home a Malibu mansion! It seemed normal sized and I figured that was just estate agent speak for "has a bit of beach". Seeing it all laid out now, I totally get it though.

And this is the realistic 2 bedroom apartment my friends and I are hoping to rent in our twenties. So far, luck hasn't been on our side.

Or this. Although I take issue with how tiny all the bedroom windows are!

Dream sprawling mansion anyone?

The Simpsons! Eeeek!

Typical bachelor pad. Awesome bathroom though.

I of course love this because it already has the drawing table in position with lots and lots of light! 

Typical bachelor pad 2

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