Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cannes Wardrobe Malfunctions and the Gowns that made me go "Huh?"

Now that Cannes has wrapped and we are all just recovering from the Nicole Kidman mega fashion train, can we ease back into our days of mediocrity fashion statements by recapping the other end of the spectrum from wherever Nicole stood?

I had to start with her since I already featured her on the blog. Julianne is gorgeous, I majorly envy her hair as I do all natural redheads. So seeing her in lacklustre duds even if they're designer doesn't sit well with me. Adding salt to the wound is the fact that usually shoes save a meh outfit but her Toe-gate (as she called it on Jimmy Fallon where she was all so likeable and relatable...anyway, you just watch E!, its running this clip in the E!news segment this week) just took the outfit downhill fast!
I always struggle to reconcile Red Carpet Paz Vega and most of her on screen roles cuz RC Paz is so so cracked out! Always good for a laugh anyway!
Emmanuelle here is the french actress wife to Roman Polanski who I find endless fascinating! Seriously, his life is even more entertaining than his movies and considering these have won their fair share of awards you can draw your own conclusions. (I remember one time stumbling upon a book about him in my dad's stuff written by a woman who claims her anal raped her at Jack Nicholson's house back in the day! It was the stuff of scandal! Eeesh! Sidenote, I'm glad he learned to love again after what happen to Sharon.) Anyway, yeah. I guess being married to such a man makes all modesty and decorum to take second place to fashion statements. At least her panties matched.
Lemme preface this by confessing that I'm a huge fan of Project Runway's Unconventional Materials Challenge. Huge fan! Duct tape, Hardware, Candy, Flowers... bring it! But this self modelled biscuit tin gown by designer Larisa Katz? I think Heidi would rule OUT on this one!

Milla can do no wrong in those Resident Evil movies. Also I suspect she doesn't age. Also I think she bares more than a passing resemblance to ANTM 1winner Adrienne. That said, I hate hate hate the top half of this gown! Inside of gorgeous side boob the fit made her seem flat chested!
The back though is straight up gorgeousness!
I can't figure out who she is and I haven't the time to analyse all the outtakes of the Bling Ring team to narrow it down but holy crap on a cracker, this is quite the moon landing!

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