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Does it make sense when I say I knew EXACTLY what to write before the event and then after the Launch I was all "where on earth do I start???" *panicked voice* I found myself taking ages to sort through the images and postponing this post so I changed my mind about my previous event review post format which was real systematic like a color-by-numbers to this which is basically going to be an uninterrupted stream of consciousness. Strap in.

To say I was blown away would be the understatement of the year! The launch really brought home how much one can grow and achieve in a year for me and more than anything it was a reminder that most of our limits are self-imposed. Sure there is a glass ceiling, but only because we don't try hard enough to shatter it! And damn did Suesanne Tusiime shatter that ceiling!

Paple Rayn CEO - Suesanne Tusiime

As I watched the gorgeous models from Joram Model Management strut that runway in those to-die for jackets I had a flitting mental image of Abryanz breaking out into a cold sweat cuz he sensed a disturbance in the force - his days of uncontested monopoly on Menswear styling in Uganda were numbered! But enough fan-girling, you're here to read about how the event went down right?

Well, Madhvani Glass Hall was like a bride on her wedding day - DAZZLING. The clear perspex seats with white cushions went perfect with the minimalist architecture and the centered runway afforded everyone one, irrespective of where they were seated, an unobstructed view of the action. There was a vantage media section where photographers could set up their equipment without having tripods and angled limbs and flash bulbs all up in everyone else's space. (Don't you just hate it when you check your phone pics after an event only to find half of them obscured by this someone's back as they tried to take a pic too? Argh)

I really have to give it to the organisers, they left no stone unturned in making this the height of sophistication. The dinner grounds were decked out in silver and white trees strung with fairy lights creating an ethereal dining experience. Amid this was the red carpet which was covered by Urban TV very own Fashionista Malaika.

Hottest fashion photographer on the scene Nadere Johnson and guests.

There was some delay with the timing but Denzel did a great job as emcee to keep the guests entertained and I bet it didn't hurt that the drinks were flowing nonstop, huh. 30 minutes after I took my seat, Suesanne and Delia (of Le Placard) came onstage to introduce their collections and thereafter after it was nonstop jawdropping fashion!

Emcee of the night, Denzel looking dapper.


Deliah, second from right, takes a bow
The show was opened by Rozmerie with a contemporary dance piece thereafter the gorgeous models in Le Placard designs showcased seven looks of uber stylish womenswear first. We broke off for dinner after a speech by State minister for Urban Development. Sadly I can't seem to locate any pics of the delicious buffet. Guess everyone was busy tucking in!

After dinner Paple Rayn Hub label was unveiled with 3 separate collections and these were interspersed with a musical interlude from Benzeri of Zukukka fame and guys, it was worth the wait! 
Check out their website or download the paplerayn app from google playstore to order any of the looks seen here.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the review and got some ideas for your closet. I'll put up a post of what I wore soon. Til then Peace and Love.

*Photo credit as indicated on the images.

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