Friday, July 31, 2015


I had a general idea of what I wanted to wear for this event but wasn't sure I'd be able to find exactly what I wanted here (Pinterest can really raise your expectations!) and did not feel confident having it custom made because as I experienced here, this route can prove to be quite disappointing. 
Anyhow, I knew I'd be wearing my hair out in a big do and therefore wanted an outfit that could hold it's own against such an in-your-face style but still be sleek enough to let me move up and down between my seat and backstage yet not too casual that I'd look like I didn't get the Red Carpet memo, you know?

After a bit of going back and forth discarding option after option in my closet I finally pulled this lace dress with sheer bell sleeves from the very back where I'd relegated it after discovering it could barely go past my hips! This time round though I knew paired with the right skirt it was just the look I wanted for the night. And I knew which skirt would be perfect for the job! The fly in the ointment though was I’d given away the skirt during a closet purge months ago! Believe me you I wrestled with my conscience about trying to get it back but reminded myself there was a reason I had given it out in the first place.

Picture time with my fellow bloggers. The gravel wasn't kind to our heels though so this photo session was extremely shortlived.
Can you spot the CEO catching a breather? Reason 10268 why I love this pic so much. Also those bracelets on our wrists were in the goodie bags but coincidentally ended up complimenting our individual outfits so perfectly!

Plan B called for an impromptu shopping session and fortunately I was lucky to find with body hugging skirt with time to spare. Finished off the look with strappy nude heels and had the fabulous Angie do my make drawing inspiration from this look sported by Solange.

I think she did a great job despite my tendency to check her progress every other second in the mirror. I literally couldn’t keep still. Now I understand why celebrity MUAs charge such fees.

Me, being a pesky interfering client. Ignore the headscarf please.

Dress (worn as top): Thrifted|| Skirt: Tina's Boutique, Naalya|| Clutch: Gift|| Shoes: Mabirizi Complex|| Bracelet: Part of Paple Rayn Swag Bag.

It was such an awesome night and I loved getting all glammed it! Can't wait for next year's do! 
Peace and Love.

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