Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Around the web in nifty ways

What's a girl to do when her blog gets faulty? Rant and rant and rant!
I was on a roll there! Then this happened! Aaargh.
Trust me once I get everything ironed out, you're going to be hit by an avalanche of posts!

Til then let's kill time with this edition of Around The Web In Nifty Ways, let's start it off by checking out my professional blog, which I had abandoned once I landed a job I love but now forced to revisit because wordpress doesn't suck balls like blogger does! (Yes, I have blogs/accounts on every platform you can imagine; tumblr, LinkedIn, InstaGram, LiveMocha, GChat...all of them. Multiple accounts for some... Including myspace and hotmail - way back I even forgot my passwords. So blogger really should style up since I chose it out of so many!)

Apparently, there is such a thing as reinventing the wheel people. This totally made me think of The Dragon's Den which is such a fun watch for a show where intimidation millionaire entrepreneurs basically trash people's life work in a matter of minutes. Such interesting inventions out there in the world, you just have to think hard at it.

Not like the MyZiki, Ug's version of iTunes when we very well have youtube and waptrick and a gazillion other free download apps/sites no to mention  the artistes themselves giving out begging people to play their music. Study your market people...you really think a Ugandan would pay $1.00 for a song Capital FM plays 40 times an hour? I just don't think it'd work...now if they did a Ug version of Craig'sList on the other hand...

This link actually was meant to be a post all on its own because it's about the amazing Tilda Swinton who is basically my favoritest androgynous person ever (have you seen Tilda channeling Bowie? You should!)and who I never thought I'd pity til I watched We need to talk about Kevin. That movie is like a mother's worst nightmare. But I digress. Anyway, lucky NewYorkers can check out her display "The Maybe" (I'm looking at you Ali, take a break from the MOS ;) and check out the MOMA) which showcases her sleeping in a glass box. Which I think is an intimate as it gets! Even more than sex, sleeping is so so personal because you literally have no idea/control over what you're doing!

And in more Hollywood news, a biopic of Oscar Pistorius and his late model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp is in the works with about two scripts making the rounds of studios and casting agents already rooting for Gosling and Theron to play the eponymous athlete and his fated girlfriend. I die. Sorry. But I and a million others called it way back when the news broke.  Just as I called the Barefoot Bandit movie and up to now nothing has surfaced...or did I miss it?

And now I come to the end of my ramblings. Please blogger, get your act together, this little blogger loves her pics.

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