Tuesday, March 5, 2013

That lady in black with red accessories won the fashion for me hands down. So elegant and simple without veering into snoozefest territory. 
Went for a high school friend's wedding launch over the weekend. She was so happy! And glory and very hand-holdy with her fiancé. Ah, young love. Anyway, it reminded me I hadn't yet put up these pics so her you go.

I dunno how brides do it or if there's a special drug that they sip before church but she NEVER STOPPED SMILING! INTO THE NIGHT! I think by 6 I would have dismissed all guests and embarked on my honeymoon

Groom was a departure from the usual styles, loved his long tails. And the jacket had some pretty neat embroidery detailing too. Changed into red for the night affair but kept the white pants
She changed twice. So that's 3 times in hair and makeup and spanx...get a headache just considering it. She was glowing though so obviously this is what she wanted. Me? 1 midi-dress to the court house. I just can't with all this fanfare and guests and stuff. Its meant to be MY day. Not EVERYONE'S.

The entourage had great outfits! And the shoes! Loved them! Every time I see such good styling I think of Komuntale's bridesmaids. The poor darlings went down in history looking like the trashcans outside the florists, on 15th Feb.

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