Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Featured Designer: Rihanna for River Island

Riri did not lie when she said this line was inspired by her wardrobe; its all stuff she’d actually wear or is wearing or has won. Basically all the models looked like mini Rihanna’s. It reminded me of ANTM 12 (Tyra should start paying me for advertising because I refer to ANTM in every other post! Oh why doesn't the co-ed cycle start already!?!) when they had the styling challenge and London dressed her partner up as her. That was hilar.

By the way those aint jackets wrapped round the outfit, the skirt is actually designed that way. Just as That's not a shirt and dress but just a dress. Singular. One item. Mind blown. Not. Same goes for the jeans. Yap, homegirl is reinventing the wheel!

I just know these jeans are going to get mixed reactions! There's obviously a market for them. Street chic or something. They wouldn't have sold out (!) otherwise but that dress that looks like pyjamas? Only Rihanna...
Riri spotted 2 looks for the night, a long black sheath with thigh high slit paired with burgundy minimalist sandals from her collection for the show, then changed into double waisted denims and crop top for the after party. I feel like her stylist should share credit for this line because these aint so big a departure from what he's been putting on her since she started working like Mariah Carey's trainer and changed her physique.

I love this look!

I dunno f she designed the shoes too but if she did she is the multitasker of all multitaskers!
She's quite pricey though (most items retail for about $100) considering it's her teenage fans she's targeting. I'm not a fan of the pants but that dress with the cut-out back? Sign me up please!

Speaking of multitasking, on the other side of the coin we have Marc Jacobs making his big screen debut in Disconnect. As Harvey, a sleazy surrogate parent to a bunch of kids he gets off the streets and in exchange for shelter and food they do web porn and prostitution(!!!)

Marc in a scene from the movie (left) and the film's poster.

Disconnect is one of those ensemble cast movies featuring interconnected story lines and the gist of it is how the internet is interfering with how we connect IRL. Is he any good in it? Sounds like. But to be sure let's wait for the film's release in April. Rounding up the ensemble cast are Paula Patton, Alexander Skarsgard and Jason Bateman. I hope Rex Reed (that guy Seth MacFarlane referred to after Adele's Oscar's performance) goes easy on this one cuz you just know Marc won't take having his performance torn to shreds by tabloid movie critic lying down!

Where the 49 year old designer gets the time to star in movies in between designing for Louis Vuitton and his label Marc for Marc Jacobs AND wearing dresses at Met galas I would really like to know. Cuz I struggle with merely juggling sleep, and work, and blogging.

Those shoes remind me of this Disney's illustrated "The Elves and the Shoemaker" book I had when I was 7. After reading the book I wanted to own shoes just like them. Seems my desires don't change much with age because I still want these shoes! Also pants are seriously over rated. 

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