Thursday, December 19, 2013


Gorgeous gorgeous paper!

For the last 2 weeks or so since I updated my OS to Mavericks I've been in iBook heaven! I had the longest list of backlog from my book club on Box 'cause apparently every other member on it owned a kindle and they weren't that concerned that I was unable to open epubs to upload pdf versions too. So I would sadly trawl the comments sections and leave one or two about how I think the author is phenomenal. *sad face*

Then in came iBooks! I'm not exaggerating when I say I've been sleeping with my laptop and that my saddest time of day is during the daily commute when I have my baby with me but can't turn it on to read my books! Long story short, I'd finally come to the brink, dangerously tipping into ebooks >paper books territory.*gasp* 

And then, and THEN!!! I learnt about S. It had me at conceived by JJ Abrams. Yes, that JJ Abrams. You know those passionate fan girl feels when you're ready to sell you grandmother into slavery just to attend Comic Con? Yeah, by the time Fringe ended I was ready to sell myself into slavery for this man! So when I read about the premise of the book, a story within a story, two people bonding over a book, writings in margins, extras such as postcards, photographs, newspaper clippings, letters—even a hand-drawn map written on a napkin from a coffee shop slipped within the pages! I was in real danger of spontaneous combustion! Such was my excitement, I couldn't wait to spread the gospel.

So I whatsapp an ebook aficionado friend - the founder of my book club - about "S"
(My phone can't screen cap so I'm just going to type the whole thing out.)

Me:*all excited typing*
     Hey! So I've been in a happy iBooks daze, balancing on the precipice of becoming an unrepentant ebooks fan, when I learnt about J J Abrams' "S"! Its like the moment a spell is broken!

A: Now you're convert
A: Oh well

Me: Nope. I fell backwards off the fence! Still in love with paper books.
Me: The "S" book is only available in hard copy and its premise would suffer from any attempts at making it digital

A: Wait till you travel to Japan

Me: What's in Japan?

A: Just talking about the fact that when you travel, you can't carry all your paper books with you.
A: I value my ebooks for that
A: btw S is available as ebook
A: I just downloaded it now

Me: No
Me: Nooooooo...! *screams while covering ears*
Me: I can't even. Lemme just go to bed

A: I love you too

He obviously knew I was super hating him at that moment. Talk about busting my bubble! But for real though, my blonde moments in that conversation aside, I think the "S" experience will be lessened in the ebook. I mean, the napkin! How are they going to capture the napkin in an ebook??? If Fringe taught me anything about JJ, its that there's going to be clues upon clues upon clues hidden all over the place! But oh well, it is a love letter to the written word and digital though ebooks might be, they are still written words.

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