Tuesday, December 10, 2013


12 Shoes for 12 Lovers

I dunno guys, it seems like such an awesome idea but most of these shoes are fugly, right? On his blog, he tells a story about each shoe and the ex- lovers that inspired them. I like them better as art than as shoes.

TOP ROW FROM LEFT: Honey, Cry Baby, Gold Digger and Heartbreaker.
MIDDLE ROW: Ice Queen, Hot Bitch, The Virgin, JetSetter
BOTTOM: The Boss, GI Jane, The Ghost, The Rock

The sketch for *Hot Bitch* looks much hotter than the actual shoe/sculpture. 
I'm still not convinced *The Boss* looks anything like a gun, I thought of knuckledusters instead. 
*Cry Baby* looks surprisingly edgy when worn! To think it was what I dismissed first before seeing it in action!
I wish both feet of the *HeartBreaker* bore same levels of interest. Having cupid's arrow just through one shoe seems very lazy as if? Not that I can do this, but i think having that arrow head poking through the left foot while the vane end pierced through the right would have been more balanced, you know?

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