Friday, April 17, 2015


Over easter break, Eleanor of aboutseptember suggested a collaborative challenge for fashion bloggers in ug and I was more than happy to jump on board. For our first challenge we decided to showcase how to style Denim -  the quintessential casual fabric - for an office appropriate look.

This dress is timeless, in fact its one of the oldest pieces in my closet and yet it still looks as good as when my friend Christine gave it to me back in 1st year at uni. To anywhere else but the office, I wear it without tights and beltless. However given its admittedly high side slits, there is no way I can go to work with that much skin on display. That’d be akin to turning up for a Billy Ocean concert in a sheer gown! Anyway, to that end I added opaque navy tights. 

Dark denim on navy tights is a bit somber so I added a belt to break the monotony. Love how the cut and hardware on the belt matches the wingtip detail on the oxford heels. I kept the rest of the accessories minimal but bright for a fun professional look.

Dress: Gift || Tights: Kenjoy Bukoto || Earrings: DIY || Rings: Party House || Bracelet: some awesome Chinese shop on Ivory Plaza that has since closed :( || Belt: Wandegeya Market || Shoes: thrifted.

In other news I dyed my hair. I didn’t want to go full on Jared Leto right off the bat in case the dye disagreed with my sensitive scalp so it was just the tips for now...will see how it goes but in the interest of full disclosure I really want to go platinum blonde and really short. Shorter than Eleanor's.  Then again next week might find me coveting blue ombre flowing locks – I just can’t stick to one hairstyle for months on end! That’s it for today, thanks for stopping by. You can check out the other participating bloggers by clicking on the links below. Peace and love

Eleanor - aboutseptember

Tracy - treycsmusings

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