Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Over the weekend I went over to Roofings Lubowa to place an order for a client and I was pleasantly surprised to see a free seedlings stand! What a brilliant idea of corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability. 

Clearly Roofings understands that most of its customers had to clear quite an amount of vegetation to create room for the buildings that their products go to roof, and the free seedlings are a step in the right direction to off set the carbon footprint of the new development.

I felt this stand also serves as a gentle reminder about the importance of landscaping to the overall aesthetic of a place and Roofings definitely practices the gospel it preaches - they also offer a free Forever Forestry certificate course and the training just concluded last week - by the wide variety of flora all over its complex. I couldn't even name some of the flower species so just took photos of as many as I could. If you do know the names,  please enlighten me by leaving a comment.

At least I can name Hibiscus! Thank you childhood :)

What I do know though is that this isn't a common sighting because lemme tell you, of the many warehouse/industrial complexes I've encountered since joining the field, this amount of space dedicated to greenery is as rare as a cactus in Greenland. And yet these are the very projects that need it most. (Guess once council decrees you can use 100% of your plot, developers figure its wasteful sacrificing rent-fetching space to flowers and what not. I weep with Mother Earth.) So major props to Roofings. I'll definitely be recommending them to more of my clients because you best believe their products are as sustainable as their practices.

Dress: Gift (I love love love the audacious loud print of this dress yet I'm positive I'd never have picked it out for myself. Sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised by the stuff people gift me!) || Headscarf & Shoes: Thrifted

If any of guys are looking to plant some trees, you now know where to grab free seedlings. You're welcome ;) Peace and Love.

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