Thursday, April 2, 2015


You guys, I feel like Easter break should be 2 weeks long, I am that fatigued and my next four days are already chokeful of activities! I know, I know ...Beyonce has the same 24 hours in her day...what no one ever mentions is she also has assistants and bucketloads of cash. Ambition is great, but no one wins if I'm burning the candle at both ends - like they say, all work and no play makes Mimi a dull girl. So unless I get minions for my easter miracle, I'm taking a much needed hiatus this Easter Break. No work, no social media, just my nearest and dearest, and a good book. But before that, here's the last installment in the TShirt dress series.


This is my go to look when I'm running errands. There's truth in the claim that shopping is a work out because by the time I'm through with my monthly grocery shopping I'm sore all over despite that fact that I barely do any carrying in all this. Just the walking up and down aisles, crosschecking ingredients lists, trying to decide on an alternative if the usual brand of cereal is out of as exhausting as a 30 minutes jog uphill. Which is why comfort is key.

Shirt: Thrifted || Dress: Ivory Plaza ||  Shoes: Angel Plaza

Like I mentioned in the first post, the Tshirt dress can take on almost any accesory so pile on your favorites for date night for a sexy sophisticated look. Glam up the make up and hair and just like that, you're ready to hit the town.

Clutch: PapleRayn || Dress: Ivory Plaza || Rings: Gazaland || Shoes: Gift || Necklace & Bangles: Gift

And that's a wrap, let's put a ribbon on it! Wishing a happy and restful Easter to one and all. Thanks for stopping by and in case you missed the first two posts about the oh so versatile Tshirt dress, you can catch up here and here.
Peace and Love.

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