Friday, April 12, 2013

All Hail La GOOP!

**I think creatives thrive on doing things last minute. I used to think you outgrow last minute submissions after graduation when the stakes are now higher; going down a grade for late submission does not even begin to compare to missing out on a $100,000 project! So imagine my surprise as I was racing against the clock with less than 15minutes to go from Wandegeya to the World Bank offices half way across town only to reach, hand in and as I'm walking I kept meeting guys in progressively more harried states all rushing to submit! We never learn, do we? Aaaah... the unbridled joys of the rat race. Not.**

She's a right ray of sunshine, isn't she?

Which brings me to the subject of today's post, she who famously said she can never pretend to live like someone who earns an annual income of $25,000! (Please imagine that said in the vein of Marie Antoinette "let them eat cake!") Let's dive into Iron Man's first lady aka Shakespeare's muse aka Ms Holly Holiday aka Brad Pitt's first love aka Chris Martin's baby mama aka Gwyneth Paltrow aka Goop!

I think KStew wore the outfit on the right, Goop here has like 15 years on her but is nailing it!

Spring is here y’all! And because my wardrobe has nothing blog worthy right now lemme bring to you my fantasy spring wardrobe by way of

where to even begin?...
Know why I'm sure my fairy godmother took an unscheduled leave of absence...because these pants aren't hanging up in my closet!

I mean... seriously... if FGM could be fired and replaced mine would already be out!

Gwyneth actually compiles  a spring wear essentials every year that totals upwards of $400,000. Yap, her new wardrobe purchases for just one out of 4 seasons cost more than I can ever hope to make at my current job in 4 years! You guys, the fact that I’m not suicidal must make me the strongest most resilient effervescently hopeful albeit slightly delusional human ever!

Words are unnecessary, right? This is a 40 year old mother of two rocking formal shorts and a crop top! Goop wins at life! And I need a cocktail to jumpstart my very ordinary less than $25,000-a-year-version of a weekend!

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