Thursday, April 18, 2013

MTV Movie Awards 2013

Haven't watched the MTV Movie awards yet but that has never stopped me from pitching in my 2 cents, here goes; Did host Rebel Wilson channel Iron Man and a dominatrix at some point? Was this before or after the pink cuddly koala bear emblazoned sweats? If only Carrie Underwood would do this for her next CMA hosting gig!

I'm so so very close to being over Rebel...other than Bridesmaids her other work has been a little bit too ...something... her pitch perfect character was great granted. So was the What to expect when you're expecting...but they weren't as natural as "I didn't know it was your diary, I just thought it was a very sad handwritten novel."

There was lots of black at this, was it part of the MTV memo like "no under boob" was part of the Grammies one? Also most of the stuff worn wasn't newsworthy. Although I retain the right to change my mind after seeing them in motion. The cigarette butt hat though, I can pass judgement on even now. Clearly this was a move geared towards getting coverage without having to compromise on actual coverage.

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