Thursday, April 18, 2013

Is anyone else as obsessed as I am with Coachella?

I feel like Coachella is the Mecca for celebrity stalkers (or as I prefer to be called "pop culture connoisseurs"). The music performances are just a bonus. Seriously, even the oscars can't hold a torch to it because that's a very high security high fashion affair while coachella reminds me of bazaars/ concerts at the MUK Sports Grounds.
So needless to say I wanna go there and accidentally-on-purpose trip and fall head-first into Pacey's laps. What happens thereafter in this perfect fantasy I'd rather keep to myself.

Just you wait Kruger, one of these days ...

Shades are mandatory y'all (from left): Kate Bosworth and fiancĂ©, Paris and her 20yr old tomboy, Hilary Duff looking every bit the way all disney actresses are supposed  to be when they grow up (Not Lilo or Amanda types obvi)
Anticlockwise: Joe Jonas and date, Kellan Lutz and his biceps, and Nick Jonas finally setting the record straight. 

The Hills and the Hills adjacent: Rita Ora did date Rob who is Brody's step bro so if the Hills was still on she might have gotten a scene or two, maybe a duet wit Ryan...just go with it, ok? (Also, Audrina still has her unfocussed stare! I thought that was due to The Hills directing not that she's really vapid IRL)

Miranda, Alessandra, and Candice: Spokesmodels of the body shaming association. 

The Tiny White shorts brigade: V. Hudge, Alessandra, Julian Hough

These are all from day 1 meanwhile!

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