Thursday, April 4, 2013

How I passed the time when I couldn't blog

Making collages of my projects, that's how.

Obviously once the material search begins they final appearance changes but at least these give the client some idea...


  1. don't be alarmed. Just remembered the squating(sp?1) man in Ronald's kitchen. Great stuff!Now all you need are a clients.

  2. Lol, Ronald kitchen design was a tight squeeze and he was insisting on non-metric dimensions which was throwing me a little so I had to animate the space to see if it worked! But that man wasn't squatting, he was standing akimbo!

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  4. The 'non blogging' seemed to have been a blessing in disguise. Am liking the colour scheme-the emerald shades; gives the bathroom the right amount of ornamentation and allows the furniture to stand out without over whelming the spaces.


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