Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Smash has made me nostalgic

Yesterday I decided to stop this nonsense of working during my leave and then complaining of being drained and lethargic when I get back to office so I switched off my phone, switched on the telly and pulled my stash of accumulated series and the remote next to me. I then proceeded to spend the next 16 hours in legit couch potato mode, only shifting to refill on snacks or fluff my pillow! It was bliss! Simple unadulterated me time just the way I like it. I got through  three first seasons but this particular post was inspired by Smash!

I love Marilyn Monroe, who doesn't? But the entire 15 episodes I was really rooting for anything other than Katherine McPhee's character to play her! I just couldn't stand that nice girl Cartright thing she had going on! It was sooooo irritating! Please understand I'm not complaining about the writing here. No, the writing was superb! Smash is everything Glee wishes it could be! A legit show about a fictional musical. My issue is with Katherine McPhee's face! She is just too nice-girl looking. (Also this entire paragraph was a tangent from what I'd originally set out to write about. That's how much that Iowa girl nagged me!)

Anyway, all the Marilyn talk made me nostalgic for the old hollywood era so I figured this is as good a time as any to post these love quotes I've had in a folder on my desktop for ages. Enjoy and happy week!

The cougars' motto

Hahaha. Yes!

Passion or affection, no brainer right? (I always want the end that makes a better story)

I love this quote and I almost can't believe it was said by a man. It's very Dorothy Parker-esque

I think her logic lost me

Couldn't have said it better even if I'd tried

A man after my own heart


Tell 'em Einstein!

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