Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Around the web in nifty links

Welcome to the latest in my random web trawling series! This is a diverse one...we are talking legendary movie critics, cookbook-writing-roockstar-marrying actresses and the Kate Middleton! Get your trigger finger ready because the links I'm linking to have links that you simply must click too! Its a vicious cycle I tell you!

I love me some Gywneth any way I can get her and this review of her new cook book is a delicious read!

I'm inconsolable that I had never heard of Roger Ebert (had written Egbert at first as in Wimnston Egbert - when is the Sweet Valley movie coming out anyway?) til his passing  *thank you twitter* whereupon I went through the Chicago Times archives and let's just say my taste in movies would be way way more upscale had I known him sooner. Anyway, his last filed review features Ben Affleck, Racheal MacAdams and Javier Bardem. You know you want to read it!

Also Duchess Catherine came face to face with her plastic doppelgänger and she was Mckayla Maroney levels of unimpressed! (That thing is all sorts of ugly!)

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